Living Area
The House & View
Our Drone Images
New Build View
The House and Garage
Front Elevation
The House - Cut Roof Rafters
Garage Slate Roof
The Garage - Slate Roof
Garage Roof Trusses
The Garage - Rafters
House Framework
The House - Timber Frame
Construction of Garage
The Garage - Blockwork
Scaffold Decking System
The Internal Decking Scaffold System

We used an internal decking scaffold system to assist with the build.

Steel Framework
The House - Framework
Garage Slab
The Garage - Blocks
The House - Wind Bracing Steel Frame
The House - Poured Concrete Slab
The House - Insulation to Floor Slab
The Site - In Formation Level
The Site Preparation
Demolition In Progress
The existing house